Day one of Vegan

Day one of this vegan stuff is officially wrapping up. First thing this morning, I thought “well shit, I didn’t prepare enough” but quickly got it together and made some oatmeal with cinnamon. 

Lunch required a bit more creativity. But I landed on my version of a burrito bowl, and loved it. Full of flavor, and filled my tummy.  Snack? Carrots and hummus with my little dude. Dinner, a surprisingly delicious, FULL of flavor vegan burger. 

All day I was shocked. Shocked by how simple it was to make my food. Shocked by how MUCH flavor I was getting. I was getting more flavor in less time than I normally do. Isn’t that insane?! 

How do I feel? I feel great! I completed day one, which I think was the scariest for me. I also notice that at the end of the day, I feel just as thin as I did first thing this morning. You know how usually your skinnier in the morning, and by the end of the day your slightly bloated and feel bigger? Yeah, not here. So I’m loving that as well!! Can’t say much about my energy yet, pollen hit today and gave me a migraine 😦 

Today was also the first day of my new challenge group. And these girls are already kicking ass. They are posting, sharing, and really diving in and giving it their all. I LOVE that I am a part of this! 

I also got a call from corporate today. My start date may be pushed back a couple of weeks due to paperwork. I’m super stressed about it, because as of next week, I am no longer working until I start me new job. So financial stress is taking hold and digging its claws deep. But I’m taking a deep breath, and staying focused. 

It’s a short post today, but I wanted to let everyone know I did it and daynone is done and in the books!! Tomorrow will be a bit more challenging, it’s hunbys birthday and he wants meatloaf. So I will make him meatloaf. And make myself something else. 

The only thing between us and our goals, is us. Remember that. 

Lunch today 😋


4 thoughts on “Day one of Vegan

  1. Well done! I personally think the secret to staying vegan and finding it doable ongoing, is to have a large repertoire of meals and snacks you know you like and can make so that when you’re stuck for an idea or pressed for time, or looking in a pantry wondering what to make, you have a catalogue (in your brain or in a folder or on the computer) to flip through.

    I also found that when I went vegan a whole new world of food and tastes opened up to me. I’ve always loved cooking, but never as much as when I went vegan. The tastes! I got fatter…hahaha.


    1. I was thinking that today!! I have always LOVED cooking but today found so much more pleasure in it! And I could defiantly see the need for a mental catalogue. Getting my protein is a little harder than I anticipated. I bought tofu and tempeh… just have no clue what to do with it yet hahah but I will get there!!

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      1. protein is in sooo many things and generally, without even trying you will easily get enough so definitely, of all things, don’t worry about that one! I don’t like tempeh but tofu is a firm (punny!) friend of mine 😀


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