Giveaway Time!!

I am so so so excited y’all!!

I was out today, kid free for a change, and was soaking it up when I stumbled upon some of my favorite items I use every day and thought “Hey Blair! You should totally buy this and do a giveaway!” So, I did, and I am! 

I have such a passion for living healthy, balanced, and making it work in the chaos of life, and I love sharing it with others! Being a busy mom and keeping up with my healthy lifestyle can be tricky! Some days it’s seamless and others is a complete, muddy, uphill battle with two munchkins holding on to my ankles pulling me into the mud 😂

But I have a few things that I consistently use to help me along. 

1. My berry boxes. I hate buying gorgeous fresh berries and having them go bad in a few days before I finish them. But not with this sucker! They last weeks!

2. This weird slicer thing haha I can load it up with cherry or grape tomatoes, or grapes, and slide the slicer down and BAM all cut and ready to throw on my salad in under 2 seconds. Love it. 

3. A cute coffee mug, cuz, duh. Mom life remember? And having a cute one just makes me feel happier. 

4. Shakeology. It’s not just a protein shake. So many people assume it is and just pass it up. But for me, with a busy life with kids, work, and life, I often skip meals or resort to grabbing junk on the go. This is my alternative, it gives me all the nutrition of a giant loaded down salad, and tastes like dessert to also help curb cravings. So yeah, it’s on my list of must haves for maintaining my own health. 

Now, how do you win this bag of goodies?? Simple! Add me as a friend or follow my page over on Facebook or instagram (links in the contact tab), “share” the post and tag ✌🏼friends, and comment “done” belowthe post! 🤗 Thats it! This will stay going through Saturday, and Sunday I will draw names of those who are entered and announce the winner!! 

Happy sharing guys! 


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